This WordPress monetization tool is by far the best in class.

Jim Regan

Installation was very simple, and the ads just sell themselves.

Mark Ghosh

A must have WordPress plugin for any serious blogger.

Max, Canada

The sheer amount of customization available makes you feel spoiled.

Tyler Cruz

If you use WordPress, this is a must have plugin.


OIOpublisher has proven to be a versatile plugin; even a necessity.

OIO customer

Buying OIO is the best investment I have ever made as a blogger.

Mark Fulton

OIOpublisher consistently generates me about $2000 – $3000 a month.

OIO customer

One of the best tools for publishers we ever work with. A effective way to monetize our sites.

One of the best tools for publishers we ever work with. A effective way to monetize our sites.

David Lopez

Winning With OIO Publisher

Hi, my name’s Rick and I’m the host of the popular business building podcast The My Future Business Show; and beyond podcasting, I also love software, so much so that I started the Software Reviews Club.

Along the way, I’ve used and reviewed literally hundreds of different software scripts across many platforms, and I’ve learnt what to look out for.

With that being said, I wanted to share my thoughts about OIO Publisher, which I’ve owned from day 1.

I purchased it shortly after launch, and I can confidently say that not only has it improved, it now stands out above many other ad management options in the marketplace.

So, if you’re looking for a way to monetize your website by offering various types of ad space, then OIO Publisher is the tool for you!

Rick Nuske

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