1. Topics Covered:

    * Stats Tracker Module
    * Demographics Module
    * Payment Modules
    * Affiliates Module

    Last updated: 1st March, 2009

  2. Stats Tracker:

    The stats module tracks clicks and impressions for every ad purchase. It includes the ability to send a weekly stats report to advertisers, and filter what type of traffic is recorded.

    The admin area for the stats tracker can be accessed by going to the Modules -> Stats Tracker link. It is split into 3 sections:

    1.) Overview – allows you to view all recorded stats, as well as filtering them by date or purchase ID.

    2.) Settings – controls basic settings such as whether to send weekly advertiser reports, and whether to send stats to the OIO marketplace. It also lets you filter out stats info based on user-agent, ip address or referring url.

    3.) Live stats – lets you view the raw data recorded for the current day. You can use it to identify trends (such as bad user-agents) that you can then filter out from the settings tab.

    >> View stats tracking demo

    Current Limitations:

    * default ads cannot yet have their stats tracked
    * stats cannot be enabled / disabled for individual ads

    Last updated: 5th March, 2009

  3. Demographics:

    The demographics module adds the ability to target ads based on a visitor’s location.

    For example, you could opt to show google ads to US visitors only, or exclude UK visitors from seeing one of your american affiliate offers.

    Location based display is enabled on an individual ad basis, and can only be applied to default ads. If you are unsure how to use default ads, please see the tutorial on configuring an ad zone.


    * location based display can only be applied to non-purchased ads (default ads)

    Last updated: 5th March, 2009

  4. Payment Modules:

    A number of payment modules are available, allowing you to give customers the choice of how to pay for an ad. A description of each one can be found by clicking here.

    You can access all of the payment modules via the “Modules” link in the admin area.

    Adapting a custom processor for use with OIO

    You can download a payment module template by clicking here. The template uses paypal as an example throughout. A readme file and code comments provide a set of simple modification instructions.

    Last updated: 5th March, 2009

  5. Affiliates:

    The affiliates module lets you run your own affiliate program. Users can sign up and promote your site’s advertising opportunities. If someone purchases using an affiliate link, a percentage (or fixed amount) of that purchase is credited to the affiliate.

    You can access the affiliates admin area via the Modules -> Affiliates link. From there you can control basic settings such as the commission level and sales “maturity time” (how long you wait before paying out).

    You can also edit individual affiliate details by entering their affiliate ID or email address, and view a list of all recorded sales commission. A mass payment export function is available to make payouts easier.

    Current Limitations:

    * affiliate payouts are limited to the paypal processor only
    * only one commission level is used (MLM style commission not available)

    >> View affiliates demo

    Last updated: 5th March, 2009