What is OIO Publisher?

OIO publisher is a Premium WordPress Ad Plugin that helps you manage, sell and display your advertising space.

Want to sell advertising space? OIO has you covered.

Want to bill users by CPD, CPC, and CPI? OIO has got you covered.

Want to use Paypal, Stripe, Authorize, and 2checkout? we got you.

Send advertisers online stats on the performance of their ads.

OIO even integrates with Mailchimp to build your email list.

Check out how OIO made selling ads for this Customer a Breeze!

OIO best deal around!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OIOpublisher?

OIO is an ad manager that enables you to maximize your revenue, save time, and keep you in complete control of your ad space.
Sell and serve ads on any website,

What can I sell with OIOpublisher?

You can sell banners, text links, intext ads, paid reviews and even custom products 

Does OIOpublisher take a cut of my sales?

Absolutely not! After purchasing the ad manager, all the revenue from all the sales you make using OIO go straight to you.

Can I use widgets to display my ads in widgetized areas

You sure can

Can I show ads in the content areas of my posts and pages?


Can I target users by geographical area?

Sure OIO has you covered

Can I use an Email marketing service like Mailchimp on OIO?

With OIO V2.71 you can now integrate Mailchimp into your purchase forms.

These fine websites have used OIO for their advertising needs.

What are the benefits?

  • Complete control over your advertising, with fully automated sales
  • Keep 100% of your revenue, forget middleman commission
  • Run 3rd party ad networks alongside your own ads
  • A single license covers all of your websites
  • OIO is one investment you will not regret. Why not give it a try risk-free for 14 days?