New OIO Publisher  launching soon!
OIO Publisher enables you to maximize your revenue, save time, and keep you in complete control of your ad space.
What are the benefits?
Complete control over your advertising, with fully automated sales
Keep 100% of your revenue, forget middleman commission
Run 3rd party ad networks alongside your own ads plus much more.
We know a thing or two about Ad management. OIO have been around since 2007 our customers have generated thousands of dollars on their individual blogs/websites selling ads using our Ad manager.
What will some of the new features be in OIO you ask?
  1. Stripe payment integration. Now it will be even more convenient selling ads using OIO via Stripe.
  2. Updating our current payment gateways.
  3. Compatible with current versions of WordPress.
  4. A short code system instead of having to copy and paste code for ad placement.
  5. having the option to let Advertisers schedule ads and even reserve ad space. and much more!
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